Identify the Mold in Your Home

Identify the Mold in Your Home

We're mold testing pros in Wayne & North Arlington, NJ

Have you found mold in your home? Not sure how to stop it from spreading? You need The Mold Guys NJ, LLC.

With our mold testing services, we can identify the mold in your home. Our team won't leave any stone unturned-we check all the hard to reach places. We'll inspect everything from your crawl space to your basement.

If you need a mold testing expert in Wayne & North Arlington, NJ, email us today.

Using a variety of testing methods

We use a range of mold testing methods to inspect homes thoroughly. We can:

  • Analyze the air quality in your home
  • Test surfaces with a moisture meter
  • Check for moisture with a thermal camera

We'll analyze any mold stains around your property to try to identify the kind of mold that's present. Once we know what we're dealing with, we'll provide an effective removal treatment. Contact us now if you need mold testing services.